Meadows Makes Donation to Vidalia City Schools

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Meadows Regional Medical Center donated a case of protective masks to the Vidalia City School System on Wednesday. The donation was made by Mandy Smith (Business Development Coordinator) Mandy Corbin,
(Marketing Communications Coordinator) and Jenna Wheeler, (Wellness Fitness Coordinator), to Vidalia City School Superintendent Dr. Garrett Wilcox, who said, “We are very thankful for the partnership that we have with Meadows Regional Medical Center. The masks will go a long way in helping offset the cost that we encounter as we try and protect our students, faculty, and staff while trying to prevent the spread COVID-19.”

Meadows President and CEO Alan Kent stated, “We are proud to be supporters and partners with our friends in our local school systems. We appreciate the opportunity to help protect the vital community resources that are our students and our education professionals and, in turn, their families. Masking is one of the most important ways we can help keep one another safe, and we applaud our school systems for their great work in this arena.”
Meadows Donates Masks